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plingo was born out of the sheer will to get going. To do stuff. To test, break, fail, learn and succeed. Not only to make nice sales strategies, colourful marketing powerpoints and tidy HR documents but to really get out there and be the new kind of consultancy partner you really need. To put ourselves, our mind and body at stake. And test whether it really works. 

Not only to talk the talk but to walk the walk. To get shit done.

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October 26, 2020

plingo is a new company with a different approach to sales and management consulting. The founder, Petter Lingonblad, has been working in sales and done strategies for several companies before, but with plingo he wants to focus on results and a "hands-on-approach". Read More at Vaasa Insider.


plingo cooperating with Entia IT

October 6 , 2020

Entia IT helps various companies and organisations with all kinds of ICT related challenges. The company, founded by Ronnie Ollila and Jukka Ketola, are offering their hands-on superb customer service around the clock to SME´s and organisations mainly in Ostrobothnia. Ronnie and Jukka wanna grow their business thru superb and long-lasting customer relations, so let´s get some more customers onboard! Does your organization need a new computer, faster internet connection or top-notch hosting services? Or are you unsure about your IT-security standards?

Please contact Jukka or Ronnie at !


plingo boosting Keppo Bryggeri sales

September 2, 2020

The guys at Keppo Bryggeri are modest but fantastic craft brewers of premium class organic beer. Focusing on high-quality organic ingredients, pure water and state of the art equipment has resulted in some of the most authentic tasting beers on the market. And we really think that beer lovers all over Finland should have the opportunity of enjoying Keppo´s beers.  So let´s have a look at the growth strategy, book some meetings, load the truck with beer and head south. Read more and have a look at all of Keppo´s fabulous beers at!

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