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Walk the walk

plingo was born out of the sheer will to get going. To do stuff. To test, break, fail, learn and succeed. Not only to make nice sales strategies, colourful marketing powerpoints and tidy HR documents but to really get out there and be the consultancy agency you really need. To put ourselves, our mind and body at stake. And test whether it really works. 

Not only to talk the talk but to walk the walk. To get shit done.

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Petter Lingonblad

Founder, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Doer

Experienced growth generator with a demonstrated history of working in fast-growing international companies. Skilled in Sales, Marketing, Strategic Negotiations, Operations Management and HR. A positive, communicative and entrepreneurial turnaround specialist who likes to help people and organisations grow.

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Mannholmsvägen 10 65410 Sundom Finland


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